Robust and efficient in harsh environments

Swedish forestry machine manufacturer Gremo agreed to put new Danfoss hydraulic technology to the test on its forwarder machine used to collect, load and unload timber from the forest. One year after, productivity is up, and fuel consumption is down.

— 30 March 2015 By Danfoss

As the Gremo 1050 forwarder carves a path through the Swedish forest, operators on the forestry machine can now enjoy smoother, more accurate crane control, an almost vibration-free cabin, and more reliable operations.

After one year of testing a new hydraulic valve solution from Danfoss, the PVX proportional valve, the conclusion of the Swedish machine manufacturer is clear: Productivity is up, and fuel consumption is down.

The valve controls the different movements of the crane via hydraulic flow and pressure. Complete with patent-protected integrated sensors and software technology, it offers outstanding precision, fast reaction time and instantly adjustable settings.

Besides 6,000 hours of field testing in the Swedish woods, Danfoss has conducted a series of comparative trials. Skilled machine operators have run tests on forwarders, initially fitted with a conventional valve and then replaced by a PVX valve. The trials show that an operator is able to collect, load and unload 16 percent more timber onto the trailer with 25 percent less fuel consumption.

In the management of Sweden’s 28 million hectares of forest, such qualities are only of value if they are also robust. The forwarders must be able to withstand the challenges of their tough working environment. Alone in the forest, the operator should be able to rely on the machine to do the job and still make the trip home, even in the event of a technical fault. To ensure the robustness of the new hydraulic solution, the valve has been exposed to all extreme operation conditions, with positive feedback from machine operators.


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